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 Auction report: Toffield,Alberta CANADA ( fugly today)

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PostSubject: Auction report: Toffield,Alberta CANADA ( fugly today)   Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:55 pm

Auction Report: Toffield, Alberta, CanadaAug 29 2009
Tags: auction reports, how to sell your horse

Thanks to one of my readers for passing this along! I have bolded the ones that went to the kill buyer. Most of these guys do resell, so some of these horses may not be going to slaughter but the lower priced ones almost definitely are.


“This was the Toffield, Ab horse sale on Aug 22, 2009:

1. Mini gelding. Well broke – $ 375 – Went to a home
2. 12 yr old paint gelding – $ 1175 – Not a kids horse. Went to a home
3. 4 yr old TB gelding. 16.2 -16.3 HH. Totally kid proof. 7 yr old rode him in. Rode him bareback. Crawled underneath him. Rode him in bridle. $ 850 – went to a home
4. 7 yr old QH pony. Ranch broke. Not for kids. $ 550 – went to a home
5. 15 QH gelding. Ranch broke. Not for kids. $ 1050 – passed out
6. 18 yr old Arab gelding. Has done dressage and jumping. Ex show horse. Not bad shape but could use a few extra pounds. $ 750. Went to a home.
7. 11 yr old paint mare. Exp rider only. – $ 500 – went to a home
8. 9 yr old paint gelding. Kids horse. Rider using 1 rein to ride. $ 1450 – went to a home
9. 10 yr old Icelandic gelding. Very good shape. Just started so pretty green under saddle. Not ridden in ring cause the owner had to go to a wedding. $ 335 – went to a home.
10. 4 yr old QH/Welsh geldings X2. Came in loose. one went for $ 175, the other went for $ 160 – KB
11. 3 yr old bay mare. Racy type breed. No info on her. Quite wild $ 125 – KB
12. 3 yr old bay mare. Racy type breed. No info on her either. Very wild – $ 125 – KB
13. 5 month old QH/TB/Trek X filly – $ 90 – went to a home
14. 2 yr old draft X buckskin filly – $ 125 – KB
15. 6 yr old QH/TB sorrel gelding. Not the quietest. $ 370 – KB
16. 3 X 2 yr old racy type breeding. No info on them. 2 fillies, 1 colt. – $ 100 each – KB
17. Roan mare. Looked mid teens. Very quiet. No info but I suspect she was broke and was a kids horse. $ 360 – KB You can kick me in my fat buttercup for not getting her. My budget was $ 400 including transport so later on in the afternoon, I managed to find another $ 100. I went to the kill pen when the sale was done and the KB had taken them out already.
18. 2 weanlings. Bad shape – $ 80 each – KB
19. 6 yr old QH w/dk brown colt at side. Colt 4 months old. $ 550/pair – went to a home
20. 2 yr old running QH filly. Stout. 30 days on her ready for light riding. Quiet.Came with papers – $ 200 – KB. Feel free to kick me in the buttercup for this one too. Same kill buyer who bought the roan mare above.
21. 2 yr old running gelding. Stout. 30 days on him ready for light riding. Quiet. Came with papers – $ 700 – Went to a home.
22. Welsh mini mare. Said kid broke but showed no signs of it in the ring as she was quite wild and kicking. Was quite thin as well. Long hair – $ 30 – KB
23. 4 yr old grey roan stud. no info. Quite snarly – $ 150 – KB
24. 2 yr b/w pinto filly – on the thinnish side. – $ 100 – KB
25. QH/Welsh colt. Quite thin. – $ 275 – KB
26. QH/Saddlebred colt. Quite thin. $ 275 – KB
27. QH chestnut mare. Just weaned. Ridden last year before bred. $ 225 – KB – Kick me in the buttercup for this one.
28. 11 yr old QH gelding. Broke but not ridden in ring. $ 600 – went to home.
29. 4 yr old team of pony pinto geldings. Started driving. Fleshy. $ @75 for the team – went to a home
30. Pally QH yearling gelding. Very flashy. $ 410 – went to a home
31. Qh yearling gelding. Very stout.- $ 410 – went to a home
32. Arab/Saddlebred gelding. Quite wild. Could use some weight. – $ 330 – KB
33. 4 yr old pony broodmare untouched. Foal at side had a hernia the size of a coffee cup, and I’m not kidding!!!! Both needed weight. $ 60/pair. Went to a home that is questionable.
34. 4 yr old grey roan broodmare untouched. Colored foal at side. Both needed weight and a touch on the wild side. – $ 80/pair – went to a home
35. 2 yr old paint broodmare w/foal at side. Needed weight. Untouched. $ 90/pair – went to a home. KB wouldn’t even look at the auctioneer on the above 3 pairs.
36. 2 yr old mini mare possible bred to mini paintX stud. – $ 190 – went to a home
37. Yearling black mini stud. Lame on back right. – $ 200 – went to a home.
38. grey spotted appy filly. Very flashy. Untouched. $ 200 – KB
39. 10 yr old snow cap appy gelding. Broke and quiet but not rode in. Very flashy. – $ 600 – went to a home
40. Black mini stud. Halterbroke. – $ 100 – KB for rehome
41. 7 yr old QH type mare. Greenbroke but came in loose in ring. Quite wild.- $ 350 – KB
42. 3 yr old buckskin gelding. Lame on back right. – $ 260 – KB
43. 9 yr old thick red dun gelding. Greenbroke but came in with halter only. – $ 725 – went to home.
44. 6 yr old thick set appy mare. Untouched. – $ 275 – KB
45. 2 sorrel 2 yr old fillies. Untouched and needed weight. – $ 100/each – KB
46. 13 yr old QH broodmare w/snowcap appy filly at side. Filly was drop dead gorgeous. Mare went for $ 450 – KB. Filly went for $ 150 – to a good home
47. 5 yr old buckskin QH mare w/red roan colt at side. Gorgeous pair but untouched. Mare went for $ 350 – KB. Colt went for $ 160. Went to a home.
48. 4 yr old blue roan QH mare w/filly at side. Needed a little weight. Mare went for $ 350 – KB. Filly went for $ 100 – went to a home
49. 12 yr old Morgan X gelding. Had melanomas(sp) on his face and bum. – $ 50 – KB
50.3 yr old Morgan/Appy gelding. $ 300 – KB
51. 4 yr old morgan mare. Greenbroke – $ 330 – KB
52. Very fat, fat fat jenny – $ 190 – KB
53. 4 yr old TB mare. Did jumping. Needed weight – $ 380 – went to a home. Feel free to kick my buttercup on this one.
54. Red dun filly – $ 150 – KB
55. Red roan filly. – $ 160 – KB
56. 10 yr old bay QH type gelding. Built like a brick shithouse. – $ 540 – KB
57. 4 yr old QH type mare. Very wild – $ 260 – KB
58. 8 yr old QH type gelding. – $ 510 – KB
59. 2 yr old Welsh X gelding. Said greenbroke but came in loose and quite wild. – $ 50 – KB
60. 4 yr old Paso Fino type stud. Quite wild. – $ 340 – KB
61. 6 yr old Canadian Warmblood mare. Pigeon toed. Looked like her knee floated meaning it swayed to the outside as she landed on it. – $ 500 – KB
62. 6 yr old Canadian Warmblood mare. Quite wild and quite the kicker – $ 570 – KB

I took a break for about 1/2 hour outside as it was quite hot inside. When I came back, I think the wildest ones were kept till last.

63. 4 yr old Anglo Arab stud. No papers. Untouched. – $ 300 – KB. He would have gone to a home if the owners had registered him.

The rest that came in were yearlings that were untouched that averaged $ 100.

I kick myself for not getting a couple of them, but I had my eye on a couple of well bred, old breeding QH mares that should have gone to a home but the KB outbid me.

I definitely plan on going next month, but this time, with more money……”


FHOTD back in: and again:

Color does not keep them safe.

Papers do not necessarily keep them safe.

What keeps them safe, as you can see from the above, is TRAINING!

So let’s say you absolutely have no choice but to take a horse to an auction. And when I say no choice, that means that you are a minor and your parents are doing this whether you like it or not. Or you are in a situation where the horse MUST be auctioned for legal reasons. (If you are just broke, get your butt down to Labor Ready.) If you are in a “no choice” situation, what is the best way to protect your horse?

1. Grooming! A bath, clipped up, etc. This shows that the horse has been worked with and that you care. It is also just like selling a car – a clean horse just looks more valuable and desirable.

2. Hoof trim! Shouldn’t cost you more than $35. Again, it makes a big difference to private buyers to see that a horse is cared for.

3. If at all possible, ride it through! You’re going to be in a round pen, so it doesn’t have to be all that broke to be successfully ridden through. The horse who is ridden through has a much better chance of survival, though it is not a sure thing. Here’s a tip: The vast majority of old broodmares, broke or not, will let you sit on them and walk around in a round pen. If you have two weeks, you can get one kind of walk-trot broke without much drama. Lift up the top lip – if there are numbers there, it IS broke (with the exception of Standardbreds but even those are trained enough that sitting on them is rarely a big deal).

4. If the horse is too young to ride, what can you teach it before the sale that will make it look good? Being able to demonstrate things like picking up feet in the ring, or better yet setting up and pivoting for halter, will drive up bids from private parties.

5. Get the papers in order. Transfer them if they’re not. Make sure you have a signed transfer ready to go. If you lost the papers, get replacements. I’ve had a kill buyer tell me flat out that he “cans grade mares.” If the mare IS in foal (*cringes*) make sure you have all the paperwork to register the foal.

Again, auctions are the WORST possible way to sell your horse, and any rescuer can tell tales of seeing clipped up, braided up horses in the kill pen. But if you have no other options, a little effort can go a long way toward encouraging a private party to choose your horse at the sale.
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Auction report: Toffield,Alberta CANADA ( fugly today)
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