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 Random Selection

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PostSubject: Random Selection   Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:25 am

Taken from CBC....

"A harness racing driver and trainer from Charlottetown says the luck of the draw has meant bad luck for some.

Earl Smith told CBC News on Monday that the computer selecting horses for each race recently put all four of the horses he's trained in the same event.

"All these colts were all capable of winning, and winning good times," said Smith.

"If they were in separate divisions, all four had a chance of winning, but when there's four in together only one had a chance of winning."

The random race card selection was instituted five years ago. Before that, race officials picked horses partly based on who owned and trained them to avoid situations like the one Smith faced on the weekend."

This kind of peaked my interest... I assumed that the participants of each race had always been RANDOMLY selected... I wonder who was the figure that was able to pick horses without any type of bias as to the caliber of the horses/outcome of the race...

What's your take on this?

I think despite this guy's tough luck randomly is the only way to go. Racing is a big thing on PEI and I'm definitely not up on the bloodlines but I still know the big names (hear them on the news). How could someone be unbiased? Maybe the random selection needs to have a cap/clause stating that multiple horses owned/trained by the same person can't ALL race in the same race.
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PostSubject: Re: Random Selection   Tue Sep 22, 2009 7:48 pm

hmmmm ... very interesting. I'd vote for random draws however there's got to be some sort of limit regarding the number of horses in a race that are owned by one person. After all, everyone wants a return on their investment as well as bragging rights! It doesn't really make sense to me to basically race against yourself.
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PostSubject: Re: Random Selection   Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:04 pm

yeah, it kind of defeats the purpose of taking you horses to the races...
if you wanted to race your own horses aginst one another you would just stay home eh?
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PostSubject: Re: Random Selection   

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Random Selection
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