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 The opposite problem more go....

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PostSubject: The opposite problem more go....   Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:04 am

When riding alone my gelding is fine. Takes a bit of encouragement to go away from his friends but as long as I'm consistent and keep him pointed in the right direction he will say "fine" and off we go. Haven't tried the woods alone yet but off in the big pasture fine. Have finally started working on canter.

Now the problem is when my daughter and I ride - her gelding is very dominant with the other two horses and I'm still not sure who is boss between my gelding and my daughters - but when we try and ride together my gelding especially wants to be right up next or ahead of him. If we try a trot or canter - look out - he thinks it is a race. If one horse stops and we canter away from each other, not to bad, but together or if the other horse is slightly ahead. Part is me, and my lack of confidence which once the footing is better I will work on in the ring. But in the meantime any tips for helping him overcome the need to "chase"? I ride in just a fat snaffle and I know I am on his mouth too much - so for the time being we just walk in the pasture. Due to foot issues for him we are really late getting started on canter/lope and I really hope with snow to be able to work on it more but need some tools. When he takes off in full flight I hesitate to use the one rein stop for fear of him falling.
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PostSubject: Re: The opposite problem more go....   Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:14 am

Practice your one hand stops at the walk so he will understand what you are doing.
Remember...sit deep, reach down and smoothly DRAW, not pull ,your hand to your hip.
While doing that use your inside leg, behind the girth to dis-engage his hind quarters.
When his front feet stop, release.
If you practice this at the walk, jog he should understand what your body is asking.
Then I would try it at the lope when there isn't any distractions.
If you have never done a proper one hand stop, yes, you could get into trouble.
Repetition and body language, but remember, proper warm up and suppleing helps before you start.
Have fun :bigsmiley.png:
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PostSubject: Re: The opposite problem more go....   Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:31 pm

Thanks. We've worked lots on the stop in the ring walk/trot. He is really good about it it is just when he takes off full tilt that I'm scared to try. And by himself I never need it. When riding alone in the ring, you could put a beginner on him and he'd just trot along (could but I don't). It is just riding with the other horses he just wants to be up their butt and chasing after them. I almost always lunge a little before I get on, do the flexing from the ground and saddle - I get his attention, but looses it pretty quick when he's behind the other horse.

We rode in the ring sunday and when he was in the lead fine, half a ring behind wanted to chase so I just kept trying to one rein stop him evertime he speeded up. Got quite boring lol for a ride.

Thanks again.
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PostSubject: Re: The opposite problem more go....   

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The opposite problem more go....
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