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 Out of Character for her....

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Out of Character for her.... Empty
PostSubject: Out of Character for her....   Out of Character for her.... Icon_minitimeWed Oct 26, 2011 8:33 pm

So Finders Keepers was out at the barn tonight, she was pulling in as I was leaving...

The shelters are on their way up! YAY but for now the horses still have use of the barn isle for shelter. FK had Flicka in the stall and was going to give her, her grain bucket and my horse charged the door, went right through FK and was determined to get that bucket..... dirty, dirty, horse.

I think its a sign that the grass is not cutting it... that she's hungry and she wants to eat. She by no means starving but my horse is accustomed to free choice hay year round as well as pasture.. my BO assured that there was enough grass to fulfill their needs but after this episode I don't think so anymore infact, I know so.

It sucks when its "your" horse thats dirty... and especially when it is totally out of character.. *sigh* I feel really bad but theres nothing that I could have done to prevent it... My horse is food agressive with other horses always has been... but never with humans.

I'm upset by the whole thing... FK was stuck behind Flicka's butt and the wall while my monster stormed in......My BO witnessed it, shooed my horse out and shut up the barn doors (which we usually do but Flicka and Willow get along SUPER well and theres never a peep, you can lead the two of them with lead ropes in each hand) BO said "Its like she's starving" and FK replied "She probably IS starving" while she's not "starving" she probably thinks she is because she's never not had hay besides this stable.....

I'm hoping that my BO will start their hay soon.. I've no way to pasture her alone to buy my own hay... he's supposed to be feeding it Nov 1.

Upsetting :( My horse is a lot of horse and I will be the first to admit that in the wrong hands she could be potentially dangerous.. She respects space really well but if she knows you don't know what you're doing she'll taken advantage.. She's never kicked, bit, or charged anyone... but she's had agression issues with other horses when the paddocks are too small/crowded.. as soon as she was pastured in 10acres her agression shifted and she's not even lead in the herd which is surprising.. however this stall barging thing pisses me off.

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Out of Character for her.... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Out of Character for her....   Out of Character for her.... Icon_minitimeThu Oct 27, 2011 9:45 am

YA, when they think they are starving they can be quiet pushy. I know my Flicka can be unless, just like yours, she knows she won't be aloud to get away with it. My Flicka has about a half a bail out there for her, and she munches on it for a bit in the morning, then back out to the pasture. I haven't added more to the hay in two or three days. But if they are that pushy for hay, they should probably start feeding it out just to see how much they actually want it.
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Out of Character for her....
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