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 MaxiVac Manure Vaccum‏

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PostSubject: MaxiVac Manure Vaccum‏   MaxiVac Manure Vaccum‏ Icon_minitimeWed Nov 02, 2011 1:13 pm

Too cool... I'm a huge advocate of manure managment and when I have my own place I want to have my paddock cleaned daily! The stable I work at cleans the paddock daily (5 horses and its is incredible to see the difference between a cleaned area VS one thats scrapped a few times a year. She used to do the whole wheelbarrow, manure fork routine and recently purchased an RTV so that she can pick it all up and dump it easier.

When people have 1-2 horses its easy (1000+ horse can produce 45lbs or more of manure in 24 hours!) however larger stables become overwhelmed as not everyone has the time to clean up after them all

You'd never put your horse in a box stall that hadn't been cleaned in days/months so why is it okay for them live in it outdoors? If you think its Mud - guess again.

I freaking love this machine! It comes with a hefty pricetag... but I can see it being worthwhile
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MaxiVac Manure Vaccum‏
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