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 Too much sweat?

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PostSubject: Too much sweat?   Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:59 am

I moved Cowboy to a new barn beginning of November and thankfully they have an indoor. I've been able to do allot of riding, but I have one concern.

Cowboy doesn't grow a nice wooly coat in the winter so I do have him blanketed as he shivers at the sight of a raindrop and wind. (bit of a princess.. ) He is deffinitly not concidered out of shape as he has been constantly worked since late April and not over weight (could actually use another 50 lbs IMO..) .

I noticed he sweats really bad this winter! As in I can barely do a warm up (maybe 3-4 laps of jog around the arena) and his chest is sweating! If I do a normal workout with him he is full bodied soaked and have to change 2 coolers on him and come back 2 hours after my ride and he will finally be dry. This summer it took allot for him to sweat but this winter has been unreal! With the new job I won't have the time to be coming down to enjoy a nice ride and then wait for him to be dry.. Is this a sign of something going on with him or decifient in something? Or is this normal for the winter months? It's been a long time since I've been able to ride during the winter so maybe I'm just out of the loop!
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PostSubject: Re: Too much sweat?   Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:37 am

Keep in mind this winter has been exceptionally mild.... That would be my guess. Even though he doesn't grow much of a coat, he would still be sort of "expecting" or getting ready for the super cold days.. could definately be a factor.
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Too much sweat?
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