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 Horse Trailers

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PostSubject: Horse Trailers   Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:04 pm

Looking for advice on horse trailers.
I'm just looking and I will not buy one till some time next year.

I've looked on Featherlight and did not find anything.
I also went on Exiss and Sundowner sites and found two of the same models that I LOVE! Both are tall enough and wide enough for Sandy.

for exiss: (Can't get the photos off the site so you'll going to have to go look)

And for Sundonwer
SunLite 737

I love the layout and now want to get (new or used) a trailer with the same layout.
looks extreamly user friendly.
and nice!

what do you think of those two trailers and or the layout
Do you like the layout?
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Horse Trailers
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