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 Water, water, everywhere!

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Water, water, everywhere! Empty
PostSubject: Water, water, everywhere!   Water, water, everywhere! Icon_minitimeTue Jan 04, 2011 1:27 pm

Some of you have had snow. And some of you have had rain. Well let me tell you, we've had nothing but RDF (rain, drizzle, fog) for as long as I can remember. The water level has been higher than when we had igor. The horses are starting to develop webbed feet! I really, really, really wish it would dry up and then snow. Then we could have some fun!

Here are some pictures that I took a few days ago. So far the only damage we've had (other than algae infested fences) is to the roof of the shelter in the large paddock. A few of the panels were blown off the roof. Gord has decided it's going to have to stay that way until the spring and then he's going to put a metal roof on. I'm trying to convince the boys that they aren't really holes in the roof - they are skylights!

The first two pictures were taken from Kayla's play area, looking towards the river. The "norm" is for the water to be approx 5 feet on the OTHER side of the fence at high tide. Just a wee bit high!

Water, water, everywhere! IMG_4950

Water, water, everywhere! IMG_4949

Stretch is NOT a huge fan of Newfoundland weather. Whenever he's out and then sees me he does his best to try to look like the rain/drizzle is killing him. He was also rotten that a piece of log had floated into his paddock. Can you tell from his body language that he is suffering?

Water, water, everywhere! IMG_4948

Water, water, everywhere! IMG_4947

The road going to the neighbour's was completely under water and my manure pile was turned into an island.

Water, water, everywhere! IMG_4946

The riding ring hasn't been of any use. It's even been too wet for the cats to use it as a litter box (which is their favourite place to dump all their troubles!

Water, water, everywhere! IMG_4945

The small paddock is nothing but poo stew. Total slop! The boys go from the gate straight over to Hay Island and there they spend the day. My fences are all growing algae so I'll have to pressure wash them in the spring and then give them a fresh coat of paint. YIPPEE ... not.

Water, water, everywhere! IMG_4944

Water, water, everywhere! IMG_4943

Water, water, everywhere! IMG_4939

Water, water, everywhere! IMG_4938

I took these pictures from the 2nd story of the house. Some days I felt like Noah, just waiting for the ark to float.

Water, water, everywhere! IMG_4937

Water, water, everywhere! IMG_4936

Water, water, everywhere! IMG_4951

MY NERVES ARE SHOT! Enough is enough. I NEED TO SEE THE SUN !!!! Water, water, everywhere! 336163
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Water, water, everywhere! Empty
PostSubject: Water   Water, water, everywhere! Icon_minitimeTue Jan 04, 2011 8:13 pm

Hang in there! Your horses will manage...they know you love them!
I guess all you can do is put them in the barn at night on nice dry bedding to let their feet dry out eh?
Water, water, everywhere! 889373
This past Fall and early Winter has indeed been the most rainfall ever...but it's bound to dry up or at least freeze at some point.
Water, water, everywhere! 43238
Take it easy...time is flying and Summer will be here before you know it!
If had made the rest of of STOP COMPLAINING about how mucky it is where we are!
Take care!

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PostSubject: Re: Water, water, everywhere!   Water, water, everywhere! Icon_minitimeSun Jan 09, 2011 4:04 pm

Holy crow~!
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PostSubject: Re: Water, water, everywhere!   Water, water, everywhere! Icon_minitime

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Water, water, everywhere!
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