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 Mini Therapy.

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PostSubject: Mini Therapy.   Mini Therapy. Icon_minitimeMon Oct 31, 2011 3:47 pm

Hello again!
Joan is posting some great pics on FB of Gentle Carousel Minatures . Thanks Joan - I think that was my encouragement for the day! We take our boys to visit a couple nursing homes and handicapped schools each year started out as a favor and now is requested quite often. So my Big Plans were to move and start doing parties, pony-grams, training and such to help pay for all the volunteer work we enjoy.
The property we are trying to buy is a "short sale" confusing since it has been a very long and stressful deal. they wanted 134,500 for the property when we went to see it. We made our Fair offer and Wells fargo came back with 143,000 as a counter offer, What???? We want more land so I up'd our offer, Wells Fargo told the Realitor to relist the property for 143,000. So It is relisted. Its not worth 143, don't think it would be worth 130 in todays market.
Anyway to get to the point, Realtor emailed me lastnight and said she was going to resubmit my offer with some comparable homes that have sold in this area, She knows I hate to give up so we haven't thrown in the towel yet!

I've been kindda depressed and looking for my rock to crawl under, and yesterday The realitor emails me, 2 different people I ran into talked to me about my mini projects/ideas, and then today Joan has a bunch of cute pictures of mini therapy - enough to make me finally go to the website to find they have a reading program too!! THAT has been my quiet idea, (so I thought) I want to do a reading program with the mini's, I had never heard of it being done till now.
So I'm either being haunted by my pipedreams or I'm being told to not give up!! I try to be positive thinker, its been challenging lately, but I'm going to put my positive face back on, and keep praying and pushing fwd.

So I'm looking for unbias opinions -

Name Ideas? Which do you like the Best?
STABLE FRIENDS - of course I need the saying hanging in the stable - If you want a stable friend get a horse.
Stable Friends is my first choice because I also work with dogs, and who knows what other pet I may include, they may not all have hooves.
I'm also open for ideas and suggestions.

And I would like to hear any suggestion for children books that are horse related. Has to be childrens books - fairly short and easy to read.

I'm done talking to people around here about it cause all this planning and then getting kicked in the teeth Sucks! And I don't need to hear it from the locals who aren't horse people anyway.
So where else to come and chat with peps who have similiar interests, and this group seems like a real fun group of peps who don't personally know me so I'm more likely to get honest opinions, and not just what you think I want to hear :) Plus I would never admit to being depressed to people I see everyday, because I'm always the strong positive one, the glue thats holds or pulls it togethere.

Thanks for reading my issue :) My usual Therapy is in the barn, but this forum is going to be my computer therapy :)
A new set of friends that are mine not shared with others in my circle :) This can be a new circle. :)

Stable Friends :) - even when I'm not feeling stable, I have a stable friend!!(with 4 legs) I don't have to many human friends I would call stable,, is that bad. sure doesn't sound very nice.....

ok you all think I'm a nut now ;P

Little FYI after re reading my post with out retyping it - I have to keep the mini's at mom's farm which is 30 miles from me and 50 miles from the nursing homes I do, so the time and travel gets to be alot. If I could have them at my home with me it would be soooo much easier.

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PostSubject: Re: Mini Therapy.   Mini Therapy. Icon_minitimeWed Nov 02, 2011 2:10 pm

Good luck getting a property. Not sure on a name is if for your business, or soon to be business?
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just joan
just joan

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PostSubject: Re: Mini Therapy.   Mini Therapy. Icon_minitimeWed Nov 02, 2011 3:45 pm

hahaha///////Even when I dont know I am being an influence on someone elses life, I am.........Happy to be of encouragement there jbrat......and yup, for sure, this is the place to come for that. You have to pick your name woman.....even if we say one or the other, you still have to live with, JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND and get on with it. Sure hope you end up getting the property, but I have a pretty good hunch you will end up with your PROJECT going forward. Keep your chin up and keep breathing........

Mini Therapy. Joan3
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PostSubject: Re: Mini Therapy.   Mini Therapy. Icon_minitime

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Mini Therapy.
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