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 Boarding - Questions

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PostSubject: Boarding - Questions   Boarding - Questions Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2012 11:11 am

I know there have been similar topics discussed over the years but just wondering if any of you have boarded at stable that did not agree, or did not see your point of view relating to certain precautions/measures/schedules you wanted for your horse's care.

What do you think any barn owner should be able to provide care wise, and what is most important to you as a boarder?

Perhaps, a take from a barn owner would be interesting as well!

Have you made agreements, signed contracts, visited said stable, moved the horse, then noticed a gradual decline in the services that were originally discussed/provided?

If you asked for a certain service and continuously failed to receive it, how would you proceed? How many “strikes” would you allow a person to have when it came to breaking rules that you as an owner would like to see followed with your horse.

Have you had to leave a facility because they were not pleasing you for whatever reason? If so, did you try to make it work with the stable before or did give notice and find those services elsewhere.

What do you feel the differences between full board, pasture board, and self board should include (I realize this is subject to differences from one barn to the next)

And finally... if you paid $250.00 + grain/supplements per month what would you expect to receive service wise (again, subject to location and facility)

Very eager for everyones takes, views, concerns, and advice.
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PostSubject: Re: Boarding - Questions   Boarding - Questions Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2012 4:15 pm

You should post the 2nd post you put on ARF so people on this forum can get the rest of the story :).

With the too much pasture issue, I think you should have her tested for IR if you think its an issue. I don't think the test is very expensive. She may not be IR, so you may have nothing to worry about. Also, if she gets enough exercise it will counteract the grass. Will you be testing the hay you plan on feeding in the dry lot? Its possible that the hay MAY be richer then the grass. I think most people would rather have their horses in the situation you're in rather than over crowded pastures with very little grass.

I wouldn't be worried if my horses had a stream to drink from. In fact, I would be thrilled to never have to worry wether or not the horses have water. Out on the trail we let them drink from all water sources and we've yet to have a problem. All of the horses on the Introductory Distance ride I went to this weekend (30+ horses) drank out of 'ditch' water along the trail.

For the problem of him not feeding the feed daily as outlined in the contract, if it is part of the contract the BO shoud be feeding it. Contracts are to protect everyone and if he agreed to do that, he should be. Would he be willing to lower your board a bit for not doing this ($30/month?) and you could continue feeding her 3x/week?

My horses always follow along beside the lawn mower and steal what they can from under the fence, and any clippings that blow into the field.

I've only boarded for a short time but I've dealt with enough clients who board. You really need to go with the flow of the barn I think. No barn will fulfill all your desires. Only you can decide if the issues at this barn are more then your willing to deal with. Really weigh the pros and cons of each place (current and new barn). Make a list. Just make sure you consider everything and if you find a place that suits all your needs better, move.
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Boarding - Questions
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