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 Horse boots

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PostSubject: Horse boots   Horse boots Icon_minitimeThu Feb 09, 2012 10:50 am

I figured I would try to get a little discussion going here, about-yes you guessed it, horse boots.

There are all different types for different working horses, jump boots, ankle boots, bell boots, splint boots, skid boots, SMBs, polo wraps, etc. For your dicipline what do you prefer in a boot? Leather, neoprene, sheepskin lined, velcro or buckle closure? what brands do you prefer? Or do you even use boots?
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PostSubject: Re: Horse boots   Horse boots Icon_minitimeFri Feb 10, 2012 12:41 am

If I use boots I use Lami-cell over the knee boots, and I adore them for the most part, I find they tend to sag a touch but that is a problem with the style of the boot itself. They are made with neoprene with the fuzzy covering, much like a SMB.
I use skid boots when I am doing work that requires the horse to get down on his heels, I much rather the leather ones that buckle instead of the dura-leather or neoprene/combination boots. I fine the combo boots bunch up under the fetlock and neoprene gets ratty. I've used the velcro traditional style skids and I find that they can work their way undone depending on depth of footing, plus the velcro gets ratty and can shorten the life of a perfectly good boot. The dura-leather ones I thought were going to be fantastic because unlike leather you can get them wet and mucky and hosed off without any ill effects, but the material is stiff and does not give with wear, had to stop using them on my gelding because they would rub him. Leather traditional skids that buckle are wonderful, the buckles stay put no matter what, and you can oil them and get them super soft and supple. Not as much adjust-ability as the velcro, however.
I also try to remember bell boots for my gelding during lunge work as he gets a bit funny at the lope because, as a standardbred, he throws a pace stride every now and again and the switch to or from can cause a nasty knock.
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PostSubject: Re: Horse boots   Horse boots Icon_minitimeMon Jul 14, 2014 12:07 am

I bought several saddles from Horseware. I think they are not so comfortable, so now I wanna change into a new brand. There are some brands I get confused with, Weatherbeeta, Native pony,Harrison Howard. Who can give me more information about them. Many thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Horse boots   Horse boots Icon_minitime

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Horse boots
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