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 need advice on moving horse!

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PostSubject: need advice on moving horse!   Tue Sep 29, 2009 9:51 pm

Ok, so I have had my older QH gelding for lease for awhile, I think i have finally found the perfect lease home, seems to have every thing hes needs and a young girl to give him all the attention he deserves!
but Im stressing big time, Ive had him for 12 years, hes been at my current property for 9 years, only being off the odd time for a show, but the past few years he hasent gone any wheres,
hes not bad to trailer, he works him self up a little but other then that hes always been fine,
Im just worried about him settleing into his new home and new surroundings, wondering how he will react, I know it will take him a few days to get settled and he should be fine, but Im just so worried about him, this is a big step for me but its for the best, Im working out of town and have to get some else to look after the 2 horses still at home so Im leasing them out so they will get all the attention and care the deserve, so I know its best in the end, but Im losing sleep over wondering how things will go!
so Im wondering if theres any advice you can give to help both me (besides a large bottle of liqour lol) and him, to make sure the trip goes smoothly,

any types of calming agents that actually work just so he doesnt work him self up over nothing, I know once hes there for a day or so he will be just fine, I just want it to be as stress free as possible for him!

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PostSubject: Re: need advice on moving horse!   Tue Sep 29, 2009 10:16 pm

I have always thought that every horse needs a young girl. They lavish love and attention on them like nobody else can. It sounds as though you have given your decision to lease your gelding a lot of thought and have choosen a home that suits both your specs and his needs. For certain, he will need a few days to adjust to new people and surroundings but it sounds as though he will be getting lots of attention and TLC. One thing that might help the change over is to make sure that he is given the same type and brand of food /grain so he won't go off his feed. I think the "thought" of the transition might be far worse than the actual transition will be. Wish I could offer some wonderful advice but it sounds as though you are doing this for everyone's best interest and draw comfort from that fact.

Good luck and hope all goes smoothly. Keep us posted.
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whats up doc

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PostSubject: need advice on moving horse!   Wed Sep 30, 2009 12:50 pm

You could try giving him some equine chill the night before and
about an hour before he has to be trailered....
You may have heard of it before, you may need a little too LOL
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PostSubject: Re: need advice on moving horse!   

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need advice on moving horse!
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